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Mexican salad

Mexican salad

The recipe for this salad, I saw in a magazine, I’m very pleased to supply cakes and even my favorite ingredients. Salad is very tasty and tender, do not be afraid of onions in the composition, it is very by the way there.

100 gr. peeled shrimp
2 avocado
1 small sweet red onion
fresh dill
tortillas tortillas or pita

Cooking method

Avocado peel and cut into small cubes, onions and finely chop.
If you have a large shrimp as they will have to cut it into pieces if crayons – put the whole.
Dill finely chopped.
All the ingredients mix and mayonnaise, it does not need a lot, about a tablespoon.
Tortilla roll into a cone and put inside a salad.
Bon Appetit!