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How is useful steamed food

Do you think the food is steamed, fresh and tasteless? You just do not know how to cook it. How? We will tell.

The temperature at which food is cooked for steam, reaches 115-120 C, so this way you will not cook eggs, mushrooms, chickpeas and other legumes. These products require a higher temperature regime. Cereals and pasta, too, is better simply to cook. But manty, dumplings and vareniki for a couple will turn out juicy and not watery. Steaming is ideal for cooking meat, fish, poultry, fruit and vegetables. Moreover, such food has a number of advantages.

steamed food

The benefits of steaming food:
+ Maximum vitamins and trace elements are retained. The steam method of cooking is the most sparing, with it only 15-30% of useful substances are lost, and in some products – up to 40%. While in cooking and frying – 70%, and sometimes 90%. Some vitamins from the influence of high temperatures with traditional cooking methods are completely destroyed.
+ Natural characteristics of products are preserved: color, smell and taste.
+ Sunflower oil and other fats are not required. Due to the fact that the dishes, in which the products are directly prepared, do not come into contact with the hot plate, the products do not burn in it.
+ Food, steamed, less caloric, which helps to lose weight. Again, this is due to the fact that you do not add oil when cooking.
+ Clean dishes and furniture, without greasy plaque. And again, thanks to the fact that you do not use oil.
+ You do not need to constantly monitor, stir and turn food while cooking. It’s enough just to place the cut products in the steamer and note the time through which you need to get the finished dish.
+ Your time is saved. Plus, a modern steamer is that you can cook 2-3 dishes at a time (depending on the number of bowls).

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Secrets of cooking dishes for a couple:
+ Do not chop the products finely, then the food will not turn out to be mushy. However, the sliced products must be the same size.
+ Loose foods in a bowl or other container, in which you will cook, so that the steam can easily circulate between the pieces.
+ If you have not previously tried dishes cooked for a couple, most likely, they seem tasteless to you. In fact, we are so used to harmful fried crusts that we no longer enjoy the delicious and healthy food. But here there are some nuances, for example, cook not for a couple of water, but for a couple of broth. Also, the products can be marinated in spices before cooking. Special gourmets can prepare marinade from wine and citrus.
+ Considering that steamed products retain their natural taste, color and smell, all perversions will also be preserved. Therefore, choose for the future dishes only whole and fresh products.
+ If several dishes are cooked at once, foods that allocate a lot of juice should be put in the lowest bowl, so that the juice does not drain over the remaining dishes, but gets directly into the water. Because Steam rises, the maximum temperature will be where the upper bowl is located, it is advisable to put in the lower bowl what is prepared quickly, and to the upper one – that requires more time for cooking.
+ Keep in mind that the dishes that are cooked at the same time, mutually exchange smells.
+ The earlier you go to healthy food, the better it will be for your health and figure. If you do not cook yet because you do not have a steamer, do not despair, you can replace it with items of kitchen utensils that can be found in every house.

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What can I use instead of a modern steamer?
1. Healthy food can be cooked in a saucepan with a colander. Pour the water into the pan, but that it does not get to the colander. Place a colander over the water. The colander should fit tightly into the pan. Gaps between it and the walls of the pan should not be. Place the chopped food in a colander and cover it tightly. In order that there are no gaps in the structure, put a towel around the perimeter.

2. If you do not have a colander, replace it with a clean cotton cloth. Pull it to the top of the pan (without water), fixing the edges with a rope. Pour the water into the pan through the cloth. Under the weight of water, the fabric will hang a little. It should be so. In the resulting recess, put the food for cooking and cover with a lid. Remember that water is needed so much that it does not touch the tissue with food. To do this, measure first how much water you need for it to occupy 1⁄4 of the pan.



Undoubtedly, steamed food is useful. Even considering the fact that only high-quality and fresh products need to be used for cooking, it already makes choosing food more selectively. Therefore, enough to pull with proper nutrition and think up excuses. Do not be frightened by the transition period, when food seems tasteless and monotonous. When your receptors are cleared, you will discover a new rich taste of foods.