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The most dangerous food in the world

Let’s see what kind of food can bring death right at the dinner table. Can you poke a fork stirring something lying in your plate? And when is it worth writing a will after a hearty dinner? The most dangerous food in the world Agree, you need to have a lot of courage to venture to try some products. “Seasoning” in the form of adrenaline makes their taste even more refined and attractive. But with health jokes are bad, and the body can not always withstand our gastronomic experiments.

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The most often from dangerous food suffer tourists. The sense of novelty, the desire for adventure pushes them to risky deeds. And one of them can become a completely ordinary trip to a nearby restaurant. Dangerous exotic dishes Going to an unfamiliar country, you need to first examine what foods are common there. Particular attention must be paid to visiting places like China, Japan and some African countries. What the indigenous people can eat, many of us did not even dream of. For example, in China you can easily taste poisonous scorpions, bumblebees, wasps strung on a wooden skewer in the form of a shish kebab. The fact is that among these insects, only females are usually poisonous. But will an ordinary tourist be able to possess so much knowledge of entomology as to distinguish them?

Also in China and Japan are widely distributed dishes from poisonous marine life. The most famous, perhaps, is the fugu fish. In order to be allowed to cook this delicacy, the chefs undergo serious training. Of course, even one of their embarrassing movements can cost the death of someone who has decided to try this dangerous food.

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A similar poison is also found in the giant jellyfish that is also used for food in these countries. Parts of the body of a poisonous bull frog can be found in plates of Namibians. Even the frog paws loved by the French, which, by the way, are already sold in our supermarkets, are taken from amphibians, whose skin and insides contain a rather dangerous toxin. The plants were also on the dangerous list. Only in Jamaica do they eat aka fruit, which is poisonous before it ripens or until it is boiled in water. In Africa, flour is produced from the root of cassava. Other parts of the plant contain a large amount of prussic acid, and if they get into the flour, they can lead to death.

But it is not only the poison that can harm a person. In Korea and Japan, exotic lovers can taste a real octopus. And it is difficult to call this dish, since it is served live. Meat of an octopus is not dangerous to health, but, nevertheless, more than 9,000 people die each year, suppressed by wriggling tentacles. Remaining alive, the tentacles stick to the esophagus and nasopharynx, blocking the access of air. The most dangerous dish However, the most dangerous product that you can try is Kasu Marz, in translation – “rotten cheese”. This traditional Sardinian cheese has been spread among shepherds since time immemorial. It is distinguished by its unique aroma and strength, and all because of the fact that the real larvae of flies live in this cheese. Cheese is made from sheep’s milk, and then is exposed to open air. Cheese flies do not refuse such a treat, and gladly put their eggs inside the cheese heads.

Some gourmets prefer to eat Kasu marz along with the larvae, despite the fact that they can jump out of the cheese to a height of up to 15 cm. The main thing, as true connoisseurs of such delicacy say – are to protect your eyes. The strength of the jump is so great that if you cover the cheese with thick paper, then the grubs smash into it. But you can easily get rid of them by tightly closing the cheese with a plastic bag. From lack of air, the larvae leave their homes and release the coveted delicacy for you. To try Kasu the marz or not, everyone will decide for himself. But it should be noted that this cheese is currently banned for sale by the European Union. Scientists believe that eating it can cause some diseases, such as allergies and poisoning. Larvae of cheese flies are not the most useful bio-additive to your dinner. If they survive in your stomach, they can easily drill through the thin walls of the intestine through and through. And this is fraught with very serious problems.

In Sardinia, this cheese is considered a very powerful aphrodisiac. And although it can not be officially sold, many shepherds make Kasu marz by handicraft method. In addition to constant demand among desperate tourists, cheese is also popular in various kinds of celebrations, weddings and birthdays. Opinions about the taste of this cheese are directly opposite. Someone can not live without it, but to someone its aroma will seem too saturated. In the taste of cheese there is also quite a bitterness. So the product is definitely an amateur.

The most dangerous food Tell about the strange, and sometimes very dangerous for health and life food can be very long. Sometimes people eat foods that can shock, cause disgust and a temporary lack of appetite. Stewed Asian bats; Dead gulls, aged in the earth for about three years in the seal skin; Cooked duck eggs with a fully formed chick; Tea, the use of which dries the body to the state of the mummy. You can continue indefinitely.

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But do not forget that the food habitual for us can contain harmful substances. So, especially dangerous food for our compatriots are mushrooms. Many people without special fears collect and consume this delicious product. But even a part of the poisonous mushroom that has got into the dish will make it at least inedible. Poisoning by mushrooms can be so serious that you can not wait to get help from doctors. Also, the insides of animals are also a sufficient hazard, especially if they are poorly processed. A number of fatal infections from parasites after ingestion of ovots and heads of sheep prompted some provisions to prohibit their use. The food that is no less dangerous to humans is the so-called unhealthy food. She can kill for years slowly, but surely. Overcooked, fatty foods, fast food, preservatives, excessive consumption of salt and sugar. All this threatens your body by the fact that you will have to visit a doctor more often than you would like to get old (in case it comes).

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As you can see, you do not need to go far to enjoy the tickling sense of danger. Choose whether it is worth quenching curiosity and hunger for the fact that you will have a bunch of problems for life. And be sure to study the contents of your plate, because even Hippocrates said “We are what we eat”. Indeed, any food can become dangerous if a person can not stop.