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American food

The history of American cuisine starts with English cuisine traditions XVII-XVIII centuries, which rather quickly absorbed the culinary preferences of North American Indians (maple syrup, sweet potatoes and corn). Then, on the formation of American cuisine influenced by Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Slavic and many other types of cuisines. And so today, one of the “American” dishes are dishes such as pizza, hot dogs, pasta and steak in hamburg … Americans love salads, vegetable based, and they can be as simple as can be complex and multi-component.
XX century has become crucial for American cooking, it was at this time she went on a certain way in its development. Primarily, this was due to the increase in urban population and the reduction of those who lived in rural areas. The rapid development of industrial production and the country’s participation in the arms race demanded a lot of time and effort, which is already lacking in the preparation of the intricate and complex dishes. The issue of supplying the population with affordable and accessible fast food meal began at this time very serious.

Best american foods Photo - 1
The solution was as simple as possible as the food composition, and by way of preparation. Everywhere began to appear semi-finished products and ready-made manufactured goods and bread that can be eaten cold sludge to heat. These include many burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, french fries, burgers, scrambled eggs, cola, coffee, etc.
Today in the US catering large place occupied by fast food restaurants, which are commonly referred fastfoods, as well as a variety of restaurants of national cuisines, which are the main competitors of fast foods due to the presence in their menu, natural and affordable meals. Such contradictions of American cuisine does not allow her to characterize clearly.
In addition, coming to visit, you will not see on the table dishes from semi-finished. In America honored traditional celebrations and family dinners and feed them special, something even reverent attitude. Meals are served in this case, the table is always prepared according to traditional family recipes. And it is worth to talk about them in more detail.
Popular American cuisine

Recipes of the same American dishes will vary from state to state. Similarly, the range and recipes specific to different regions of the USA. For example, the traditional southern states – a chicken, deep fried, barbecue, steak beef, crab dishes, breads and muffins made with cornmeal.
In the Midwest are the traditional baked potato, beef steak, grilled over charcoal and chocolate cake. Since the Midwest especially great influence of Italian cuisine, in the list of traditional dishes here fall into ravioli and pizza.
Traditional south-western part of the country demonstrate the impact of Mexican cuisine. Merging of different culinary traditions gave birth to Tex-Mex, characteristic dishes which are burritos, fajitas, tacos, stuffed peppers, etc.
On a side dish to the majority of American cuisine served rice, often long brown. Another essential feature of American cuisine is the use of herbs and spices. Especially here like pepper, garlic powder, nutmeg, ginger, cloves, bay leaf, vanilla, cumin, cinnamon.
Championship flag in the rank of American cuisine characters always hold a Christmas turkey with apples and apple pie.
American cuisine is able to impress its contradictions and diversity. Even if it is not the tradition of such ancient and deep, like many other nations, but the fact that today it is American recipes affect the culinary preferences of people in many countries, is an absolutely indisputable fact.