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Eclairs salad

Eclairs with salad

Featured products in a new recipe.

glass of water
50g of margarine
boiled squid
fresh cucumber
a pinch of salt

Cooking method:

Glass of water and margarine, bring to a boil and boil until thick flour.

Then cool and gradually adding raw eggs, beat until thick cream.

Bake in a hot oven, use a pastry bag and the mold (if not, just spoon spread on a greased sheet of round cakes in the oven they will rise).

Choux pastry bake éclairs. Then cut and fill the salad.

To prepare the salad used: boiled squid, egg, corn, cucumber, herbs, mayonnaise.

Mexican salad

Mexican salad

The recipe for this salad, I saw in a magazine, I’m very pleased to supply cakes and even my favorite ingredients. Salad is very tasty and tender, do not be afraid of onions in the composition, it is very by the way there.

100 gr. peeled shrimp
2 avocado
1 small sweet red onion
fresh dill
tortillas tortillas or pita

Cooking method

Avocado peel and cut into small cubes, onions and finely chop.
If you have a large shrimp as they will have to cut it into pieces if crayons – put the whole.
Dill finely chopped.
All the ingredients mix and mayonnaise, it does not need a lot, about a tablespoon.
Tortilla roll into a cone and put inside a salad.
Bon Appetit!

japanese salad

Japanese salad with seafood

Very fast and easy, but hopefully delicious))) Vegetables and seafood are perfect for each other!

1 bunch green salad
lemon juice to taste
Tomatoes 2 pc.
seafood cocktail 250 g
cucumber 1 pc.
soy sauce 2 teaspoons

Cooking method:

1. Seafood omitted in lightly salted boiling water, boil for 3 give

2. The middle-sized tomatoes cut into wedges or slices, cucumbers – small
cubes, salad – thin strips.

3. All the ingredients are put together, sprinkled with soy sauce and lemon juice,
stir and serve.

village salad

The recipe “Wedding Village Salad”

To make this salad, we need to pre-boil the pork with the addition of a whole onion, bay leaf and allspice, a little at the end of cooking salt broth. In one liter of water add one teaspoon of salt without slides.
The meat for this salad should be salted insufficiently. Main taste it acquires in the process of marinating. It is important! The main condition: do not digest meat so that it does not break up the fibers and retained when cutting aesthetic appearance. Based on my experience I would say that for the preparation of pork weighing 500 grams a piece, it is only one hour. We need to take into account the fact that the meat will still be pickled in vinegar dressing, as it is known, the meat softens. I advise you to take a scapular part of the carcass. For this salad, it fits perfectly, t. To. After cooking remains soft and thus holds its shape well. Cool the meat in the broth.

Country wedding white salad ingredients salad onions, red or cut into thin rings using the shredder.
Parsley grind and mix gently with a bow.
I want to draw your attention to the onions in the salad! You can put it many times more bold and cut into larger slices or strips. Onions in this pickle get so tasty beyond words! And eaten whole, to the last petals. It is a fact!

Country wedding salad ingredients meat cut into strips 1 cm thick, folded into a suitable container and cover with a lid, so that it does not zavetrilos.

Country wedding salad ingredients Prepare vinegar marinade. To do this, mix well: 50 mL of cold boiled water, 3 tablespoons of sugar with a slide, 1.5 teaspoons of salt, 9 tablespoons wine vinegar 0.5 teaspoon ground black pepper and 5 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Optionally you can add chili pepper.
Do not be afraid of so many vinegar – salt and sugar will balance everything. The taste of the marinade is to be sharply sweet and sour, otherwise the meat and onions are fresh.

Country wedding salad ingredients Peresloit alternately meat and onions with greens, top all this beauty generously pour prepared marinade.
Put the salad in the refrigerator for impregnating at least eight hours, stirring gently a few times. I want to say that the longer the marinated salad – so it tastes better. This is an indispensable condition: Salad necessarily a good brew and soak in the marinade, then the success of the dish guaranteed one hundred percent!

Country wedding salad ingredients After marinating time remains ready to spread salad on plates. You can once again refresh his herbs and bring to the table, if desired.
I want to warn: immediately take the salad plates bigger, otherwise you will not have time to blink as they become empty.
Bon appetit to you and your loved ones!

The recipe “Wedding Village Salad”:
For the salad:
Pork (boiled) – 500 g
Onion white – 2 pcs
Greens (parsley) – 2 tbsp
For the marinade:
Water (cold boiled) – 50 ml
Sugar (spoon with a slide) – 3 tbsp
Salt – 1.5 tsp
Vinegar (wine) – 9 tablespoon
Black pepper (ground) – 0.5 tsp
Vegetable oil (or olive oil) – 5 tbsp